why do atlantic sturgeon jump

Hatched in the freshwater of rivers, Atlantic sturgeon head out to sea as juveniles, and return to their birthplace to spawn, or lay eggs, when they reach adulthood. The blue and white image of an Atlantic sturgeon is a familiar sight along Hudson Valley highways. The Gulf sturgeon is listed as threatened under the United States Endangered Species Act, having been listed in 1991. Critical habitat, reflecting the current range of the subspecies, has been designated. The nominate subspecies is the Atlantic sturgeon, A. o. oxyrinchus. The Gulf sturgeon was first recognized as a separate subspecies in 1955. The Atlantic sturgeon is one of two subspecies of A. oxyrinchus, the other being the Gulf sturgeon. The Atlantic sturgeon was in great abundance whe Scientists have determined that the fish jump to communicate with other sturgeon and to refill their swim bladder so they can maintain neutral buoyancy. The Atlantic sturgeon is a member of the family Acipenseridae and along with other sturgeon it is sometimes considered a living fossil. The Gulf sturgeon is a subspecies of sturgeon that lives in the Gulf of Mexico and some rivers draining into it. They only do it when they are getting ready to mate and spawn. Why do sturgeon jump? A disjunct population occurs in the Baltic region of Europe. It is not known why they jump and … Why sturgeon leap is one of the great mysteries of the fish world. Gulf sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus desotoi), as well as many other sturgeons, frequently jump out of the water. Nobody knows why Atlantic sturgeon jump. Through a partnership that includes the DEC, the New York State Department of Transportation, the New York State Thruway Authority, and the New York State Bridge Authority, the sturgeon appears on signs where major roads cross the Hudson and tributaries of the estuary. The main range of the Atlantic sturgeon is in eastern North America, extending from New Brunswick, Canada, to the eastern coast of Florida, United States. Of course there are the nights when one jumps and the rest don’t. But it seems as though there are days when something makes most if not all jump. It seems like there are days (or nights) when most all sturgeon head for the air and then the next night they all stay down. The sturgeon certainly do make an impression with their aerial maneuvers. Many big fish jump, but these are usually speedy surface-oriented kinds like billfish, tuna and tarpon. Why do sturgeon jump when hooked…sometimes and not others? Atlantic sturgeon live in rivers and coastal waters from Canada to Florida. The historical range is thought to have b

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