turn photo into painting photoshop

This will bring up the brush options on the right panel. Applying the basic watercolor filter. Now that we have the general strokes figured out, we’re going to go in and give the picture more detail. Great tutorial. Move the brush back and forth to make the shadow visible. Keep ’em coming!

), Option click on the padlock to unlock the layer.
Thanks for watching, and until next Tuesday!

Thank you for sharing.

I managed to sort out the issue with Gaussian Blur but now when I am trying to do the dabbing part with the brush on the black mask layer nothing happens.

You need a variety of filters, brushes and design techniques to actually make it look realistic. This will make the light sources look more like angled brush strokes.

How to Create a Painting Effect Don't neglect your friends, share this right away. I would have never thought to use the black outline … very clever! Click the box in the upper right corner above the gradient, as shown in the image.

Switch to the Contour 2 layer, the one you used to create the shadow contour. You can also use the Magic Wand Tool if you prefer (Shift+W)-whatever gets the job done. Set it to1920X1080 with a white background.

Thank you. Finally, toggle the color dynamics and set the foreground/background jitter to 100% with everything else at 0 or off. Choose the B key to select the brush tool. Press Control-J on... 3. One day he asked me if I knew where he could rent a smoke machine because he had a client who wanted to be photographed in a cloud of smoke (I can’t understand why).

Select the color fill tool and fill in the layer completely. Use the Free Transform Tool (Edit>Free Transform or CTRL+T) to manually resize the stock photo so that it fits snuggly inside the canvas as shown. Thanks so much for your generosity in making these tutorials and sharing them with I suppose your millions of fans by now! I shoot a Nikon F6 with Fujichrome Provia 100F film and scan selected slides on a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 film scanner. What you want to do is to create a new layer, set the blending mode to “Overlay,” and start actually painting on top of your smudged image. You can adjust the opacity of the brush to have more control over how much you reveal. Turning a photo into a painting is such an engrossingly fun technique — or at least it was for me. We can now start drawing the shadow texture. You want your canvas width to be 1000px, canvas height at 667 px and a resolution of 72 ppi. This will create a sort of black-and-white stencil image of the model. Select Scattering and select both axes at 300%, with the count slider at 1 and everything else at 0 or off. Great job and it really looks like liquid water. Select Image>Adjustments>Levels or hit CTRL+L and set the levels like in the image, so that the lowest input level is 60. Right now I just use the phone camera of my LG Phone. This will bring out the hatch texture and make it look a bit more realistic. You are laying down challenges for aspiring image editors. Now set the foreground color at #ce8751 and the background color at #f6e0cf. Alright, back to our water color image (Thank goodness we only have to create this brush once, and we will always have it for the future). You can click on the Brush Presets from here, or select Window>Brush Presets to bring up the brush menu. In this section, we are going to create a painting effect. If you would, please let me know how you want to charge.

To follow along with the tutorial, you’re going to need this photograph (right-click to download it to your computer) as well as two brush sets pulled from our roundups of cool Photoshop brushes.

Great tutorial Colin.

I had a Intuos 4, but after watching your tutorial on the new Intuos Pro I bought it. Make this layer visible if you haven’t already, then click Filter>Filter Gallery and select the Angled Strokes effect in the Brush Strokes subfolder.

The stock photo is bigger than the canvas that we’re working with, but don’t panic.

Everyone can easily change the pic by using your step by step guideline! Thanks again for all your Great Tutorials and time to make them! See the nice effect we are starting to get? Our cloud brush should still be selected. Hey Colin, Great Tutorial as usual! Now let’s make the background look more natural by adding an unsharp mask.

The brush has a few thin horizontal hatches and is labeled as 70px. How to use photos from Adobe stock in Photoshop, Join our mailing list for free tuts and goodies, How to change Hair color in Photoshop tutorial, New Features in Photoshop CC 2014.2 (October release), LFL #21 Create Cyberpunk composite in Photoshop, combining images + blending layers, How to make Thor Ragnarok 80s Chrome logo in Photoshop Tutorial, How to combine different images and blend layers in Photoshop 5 ways, 5 essential things everyone should know in Photoshop, LFL #27: Painting with Color and Light in Photoshop, Introduction to Cinematic Portraiture, the Von Wong Tutorial. After some time in the “lab” I have emerged with a potion! Sigh ! Make a duplication of the stock image layer by clicking Layer>Duplicate Layer or using CTL+J.

, We are the standard bearer of online folder printing delivering absolute quality infused with the design knowledge of an advertising agency.Learn More.

Finally, select Color Dynamics and set the foreground/background jitter at 40%, the saturation jitter at 2%, the brightness jitter at 2% and everything else at 0 or off. Now the active selection will become a mask on this layer-however, right now we don’t want to work with the mask. This last step really does a wonderful job of melding everything together and gives it a more believable painting look, because paintings do have a slight bit of texture depending on what they are painted on. Now we want to bring out the contour aura a little more and give it more detail, so click Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask and set the amount at exactly 100%.

If you haven’t heard of this lovely young lady, kindly press play on the video below… I’ll wait. We’re going to do some stuff now that we’d rather not have all over the stock image just yet, so click on the eye icon next to the stock image layer to turn it invisible. I really love your photoshop painting! Like resizing for different formats and the final rendering. I don’t own a Wacom. So as I’m hoping you’ve gathered, she is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter and a sensational YouTube star. Let’s create a new document. Click on the white space in the background to select it. Now that you’ve completed this tutorial, you can apply these same concepts to other images. Next, select the Color Dynamics toggle and set the foreground/background jitter to 40%.

It’s an improvement, but it still doesn’t have that natural painting quality we’re looking for, so hit the image with the unsharp mask again (Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp Mask) and you’ll end up with something like our example shown. Thanks for another terrific tutorial! I mainly take landscape photos with my Nixon D5500 and rework them with my Waco tablet. You want your canvas width to be 1000px, canvas height at 667 px and a resolution of 72 ppi.

And here is the result. I use a Nikon D500 and enjoy landscape photography, but mostly shoot portraits, head shots, events, and real estate because that’s where the money is. With the contour complete, we can move onto the shadows. I use Canon equipment for my photographs.

It’s like you have some paint on a paint brush and you’re dragging it around a canvas, except this is way easier because all the colors are already in place… and of course there’s an “undo button.” (Thank god.). I mainly use my Wacom (Intuos) tablet for drawing new pictures for my books and others’. Pretty neat huh? Excellent tutorial, Shoot whatever looks good, more free-lance Nikon D610 Keep up the inspiring tutorials. I get a message that says “Could not complete the Gaussian Blur command because no pixels are selected”.

I cannot find anything I did wrong after going back over all the instructions several times.

I use a Canon 7DMII and mainly shoot landscape, architecture, and wild life. Keep dabbing the effect, keep it lighter around the edges. Visit our store: Shop 200+ folder styles & get free shipping! Select the entire photo using the CTRL+A shortcut and then copy it with CTRL+C or by clicking Edit>Copy. I didn’t make it past Filter>Filter Gallery because my Filter Gallery is grayed out. Now select the layer thumbnail above to activate that layer. You’re now ready to start drawing the background, so set your foreground ink color to black and start filling in the white background by moving the brush back and forth over the canvas. Would you please help me to create about 10 pictures with different images but all in Similar treatment? You asked about Wacom tablet. Lets make it black and white.

With this last little step, you’ve given your picture much more depth and drama, adding the finishing touches. any guidance would be great (just a hiccup? This will help the selection be a little less rough around the edges. If you're using one of your own photos, use a photo of a landscape or a still life to get the best results. Open up the same spray brush from before, only this time we’ll be making some different adjustments in the Brush tab.

Toggle the scatter option and select both axes, set at 130% with the count slider at 1 and everything else at 0 or off. I have devised a nice easy way to get a water color effect that is sure to impress. This procedure can work with any version, is well explained, has taught me some useful things about Photoshop as well and can easily be varied. I discovered that my camera (Nikon D750) takes photos in 16 bits/channel. We want more of the texture underneath to come through, so use the paintbrush to paint the problem areas where there’s weird shadows or where details aren’t showing. I held the ALT and made the mask in black, have the brush chosen and it is white with the 30% and nothing happens.

You’ll end up with a model-shaped silhouette. After I draw the eliptical effect all my layers disappear.

We found our ideal setting was at 85%, but it’s going to depend entirely on how heavily you applied the white in the first place, so adjust until you get something like the example picture. If you don’t have a Wacom tablet, this is the perfect opportunity to go and get one. Once again, we want to make this selection a little smoother, so bring up the Refine Edge menu by clicking the button in the option bar. That’s it. Once again, you’ll have to click on the Brush tab and select the Shape Dynamics. Create a new layer by clicking on the new Layer icon at the bottom of the layers panel.

Create a new layer at the bottom of the stack. Spray one application at a time until you like what you see. Don’t hold down the brush and spray in a continuous stroke because you’ll end up with the wrong effect. After adding the threshold, you’ll be left with some stray bits here and there that aren’t really a part of the shadow contour, so clean them up using a solid white paint brush. Gifted Instructors who are successful working professionals and know what really works To the point, you're busy and need to learn FAST, so we don't ramble, you watch, you learn! Loved this tutorial – I own a WACOM but unfortunately never really learned how to use it so haven’t used it for a few years. Exit out of the free transform mode by hitting the Enter key once you have the picture at the correct size. Colin this is a great tutorial.

However, you don’t want your brush to ever be too big or the effect doesn’t work as well – no cutting corners and trying to do entire larger areas with a way larger brush.
Create a new layer and place it at the top. Dennis. I’m going to try the effect right this minute. Please tag me @photoshopCAFE when you post on instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

I can’t wait to try it. Now, bring up the up the Unsharpen Mask tool once again. Let's Get Started

If you’ve followed these steps correctly, you should have an image that looks like this: You can also download a PSD version of the working file we used for this tutorial.

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