tornado prediction

An EF2 tornado near Monticello destroyed garages, outbuildings, and grain bins, while another EF2 near Sidney ripped the roof off of a home, snapped trees, and destroyed outbuildings.

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In Nebraska, a long-track, multiple-vortex EF2 tornado passed near Bayard, tearing the roof and an exterior wall from a house, denuding trees, twisting irrigation pivots, damaging outbuildings, and destroying a garage.

As multiple areas of low pressure rode along a strong cold front stretching across the Central United States and Ohio River Valley, the Storm Prediction Center issued an enhanced risk of severe weather on November 5 across parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Severe Weather 101 Tornado Forecasting. [29] This outbreak killed 20 people and injured many more, making it the second deadliest January tornado outbreak since 1950, behind the 1969 Hazlehurst, Mississippi tornado outbreak. Another EF2 tornado damaged a YMCA camp near Hanging Rock State Park. Despite the presence of strong low-level rotation that was detected on radar, the Tulsa County Emergency Management Agency did not activate civil defense sirens in Tulsa proper as the local National Weather Service forecast office did not issue a tornado warning until 1:25 a.m. CDT (06:25 UTC), two minutes before it spawned an EF1 tornado that spanned a 2.9-mile-long (4.7 km) track across Broken Arrow, causing roof damage to numerous homes and bringing down several large tree limbs in the suburb. An EF1 that touched down near the town of Bricelyn, Minnesota was the earliest Minnesota tornado on record. The tornado began at 1:19 a.m. CDT (06:19 UTC) in a residential neighborhood east of South Harvard Avenue and south of East 36th Street South. [54] At 16:29 UTC, the SPC upgraded the moderate risk to a high risk for parts of Georgia and South Carolina in anticipation of what was expected to be a major tornado outbreak. However, most of the tornadoes that occurred that afternoon an evening were weak, with the strongest being three EF2s that occurred in parts of Texas and Oklahoma. Several other weak tornadoes were observed across parts of Nebraska and Kansas that evening. During the early morning hours of August 6, a high-end EF2 tornado touched down in the southeastern part of Tulsa, Oklahoma, forming along the leading edge of a bow echo within the eastern segment of a mesoscale convective complex that began sweeping through the state on the evening of August 5. Near Weston, chicken houses, outbuildings, a mobile home, and a peanut farm storage building were destroyed as a result of another EF2 tornado. On August 29, an EF2 tornado near Evangeline, Louisiana area damaged vehicles, destroyed homes, and snapped or uprooted many trees. No fatalities or serious injuries occurred as a result of this outbreak.

A microburst containing 100-MPH winds also impacted Boardman, where businesses were damaged by the strong winds, and numerous homes were damaged by falling trees, some significantly.

[60][61] April 30 saw a total of 41 tornadoes touch down in Arkansas, Missouri, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama. Despite the damage, no injuries were reported. [19], There were 299 tornadoes reported in the United States in May,[5] of which 288 were confirmed. Another EF2 tornado passed near the town of Gibson, Arkansas and destroyed four mobile homes and damaged several others. An EF1 tornado injured two people when it struck and destroyed a mobile home near Higbee. [41][42], A total of 17 tornadoes touched down in the states of Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky, including an EF2 that crossed from Missouri into Kentucky near Hickman, Kentucky. [96] The first significant tornado of the event was a long-track, high-end EF2 wedge tornado that passed near the Indiana towns of Dunkirk and Portland before crossing into Ohio and dissipating west of Celina. [8] On December 31, a slight risk of severe weather was noted from southeastern Texas through far western Alabama. This same tornado caused considerable damage to a frame home, and tossed a pickup truck into a field. Another EF2 tornado near Midkiff, Texas snapped many power poles, displaced grain silos, and damaged an outbuilding. It will hit France, parts of northern Spain and southern England between Thursday night and Friday morning, with strong gusts of wind expected to reach Ireland later that day.

[63] A few generally weak tornadoes were scattered around on May 1.

[19], A potent storm system made its way throughout the southern and midwestern portions of the United States on May 23.

Overall, this outbreak produced 72 tornadoes and killed four people.

[19] Another EF3 tornado moved through four counties in Wisconsin, destroying a mobile home park near Chetek, snapping and uprooting countless trees, and destroying a frame home near Conrath.

Met Éireann has warned that Storm Alex is set to bring wet and windy weather across Ireland, Britain and France during the rest of this week, including thunderstorms and heavy downpours. [68] In the early afternoon, the Storm Prediction Center issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation tornado watch across the hatched area for tornadoes, as supercells began to form along the northern part of a cold front.

[102][19], The final tornado event of 2017 consisted of a small outbreak of 9 tornadoes that affected the Southern United States on December 19 and 20.

Tornadoes were not the primary threat on May 1; however straight line winds in excess of 85 mph (137 km/h) were reported throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States. [48][19], There were 218 tornadoes reported in the United States in April,[5] of which 215 were confirmed. [44][45], A tornado occurred near Canguçu in southern Rio Grande do Sul. Rear flank downdraft winds away from the Rehobeth tornado killed four people when a large tree crushed a mobile home.

However, most of the tornadoes that occurred that afternoon an evening were weak, with the strongest being three EF2s that occurred in parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

An EF1 occurred in the southern part of Murray, Kentucky and caused extensive damage to two dugouts at a high school which had their roofs torn off and hurled, a well-built steel barn was damaged, and a building was destroyed by falling trees. These destructive winds shattered windows, stripped roofing and siding from homes, damaged a fire department communications tower, ripped the steeple off of a church, and downed countless trees and power poles across the affected area, with many landing on homes and vehicles. [69] Several tornadoes touched down in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska, including four EF2 tornadoes. Damage at the beginning of the path consisted of snapped trees and tree limbs and was rated EF1. 85 tornadoes were reported in the United States in October,[5] of which 72 were confirmed. The possibility of discrete cells forming ahead of this complex was mentioned,[20] and one such cell led to the formation of a large and destructive EF3 tornado from 09:35 UTC to 10:13 UTC across Lamar, Forrest, and Perry counties in Mississippi.

Despite the reduced threat, a large EF2 wedge tornado touched down near Bakerhill, Alabama and continued into Georgia before dissipating near Morris, causing major tree damage, ripping much of the roof off a brick house, and damaging several other structures. Another EF2 near Kaycee snapped many trees and destroyed a mobile home. At least 33 people were injured by the New Orleans tornado with up to 6 being serious. There were 142 preliminary reports of tornadoes in the United States in January,[5] of which 135 were confirmed. The most significant tornado of the event was an EF2 that struck parts of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, Virginia, heavily damaging numerous homes, downing many trees, and partially destroying a church.

An additional 80 houses were reportedly damaged to a lesser extent. Two trees were blown over and one garden shed was also blown down.

One of these tornadoes was a high-end EF2 that downed many trees and caused major structural damage to homes as it moved through multiple subdivisions in the southern part of Bellevue. An EF1 also struck a chicken farm near Seligman, Missouri the same day, while another EF1 occurred near Bergman, Arkansas, damaging homes and destroying a garage and a mobile home.

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