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Two decades in, it’s hard to argue that Stan and Kyle haven’t been hardened by their insane experiences (Kenny was always hardened). Those other things made strong points, but a talking piece of shit reached a new level of gross. The fact that Parker and Stone have managed to build this development into Cartman in a show that has kept its characters the same age since 2000 showcases not just their creativity, but also Cartman’s dynamism. How can I rank a character so high when that character has now been dead for more than half the show’s total run? South Park’s thesis statement over the past two decades might be reduced to “nothing is holy,” and having Jesus fight Satan in the first season pretty much sealed that deal. D&D Beyond Four young boys deal with the daily troubles that young kids deal with while growing up in Colorado, while also juggling adventures to set misguided adults in their place by teaching them moral values when they're blindsided by headlines in the media. Ms. Marvel: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Disney+ TV Series. Stan’s departure would leave Randy without a son to constantly try to impress. The HARDEST Chandler Bing Friends Quiz On The Internet! And of course, as Parker and Stone have grown older, they’ve been able to build their own changing perspectives into Randy, who, among his many roles, is a man in permanent midlife crisis. ... never mind on South Park. I think you’ll find your answer when you look at the stylistic turn South Park has taken since Chef’s demise in the Season 10 premiere. He’s already raped and murdered Donald Trump, so he’ll have to carry the show alone through this election season. A sport’s MVP award, at least ostensibly, should be given to the player whose performance was most indispensable to his team. Poor Tweek. The Top 25 South Park Characters From Christmas poo to deranged teachers to Satan himself, we look at the best South Park has to offer.

In my judgment of “best character,” I could be a huge sucker for adorability and, on that basis, rank Tweek Tweak in the top three here. Terrance and Phillip. You’ll notice a slow increase in Stan’s cynicism starting in Season 10 and culminating with the seminal “You’re Getting Old.” Kyle, though he was never friendly with Cartman, seems to have lost any semblance of patience. This category is for the characters of South Park. His delivery of “you shall not p-p-p-paa-” remains one of the early years’ most memorable gags. One of South Park’s most idiosyncratic, memorable traits has been its wide variety of celebrity lampoons, and none is more memorable than the flappy-headed, Satan-abusing Saddam. If a girl as intelligent and put-together as Wendy feels forced to get breast implants to compete for boys’ attention or beat the shit out of a trolling Cartman to win an argument, what are the rest of us to do? Take ownership of the opposition, shooting winking mea culpas at their own anti-PC tendencies while simultaneously lampooning the near-totalitarian stances of some of the more radical progressive-types.

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This show is one of the few remaining bastions of offense comedy in an entertainment world whose millennial audiences have increasingly come to favor more positive, more diverse humor. Over the past decade or so, there’s been a pretty obvious shift in the South Park fan base’s character preference toward Randy. Randy can essentially pull off anything on screen because he himself is the joke, and in the show’s latter days, when it’s often had to reach for funny moments, he’s been its most consistent comedic engine by far. TV and Film fanatic with too much time on her hands and a penchant for fast food and handsome men, not necessarily in that order. South Park is now on it's 18th season, and remains one of Comedy Centrals highest rated shows, with no sign of Parker and Stone's comedic genius wearing any where near thin yet. Follow him on Twitter. What makes a player outstanding, of course, differs from voter to voter, especially when said players compete at different positions on the field. (He’s not in the top three.)

Even in sports that don’t have WAR, the idea of “most indispensable to the team” does a nice job of leveling the playing field and selecting the highest quality player, rather than merely the best one on the best team (often the deciding factor in the Heisman race is, absurdly, team success). Garrison, when being used regularly by Parker and Stone, provides the sort of episode-to-episode dynamism that not many other characters (save for PC Principal) are capable of generating. H.P Lovecrafts monstrous creation featured heavily in the 3 part episode following the Coon and friends and was possibly the largest creature ever designed by Parker and Stone. The primary reason that Season 19 was hailed as the show’s best in nearly a decade is that it fully embraced the serial format Parker and Stone had begun to explore in Season 18 (you know, the one where Randy is Lorde). Eric, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny go ziplining but find it's incredibly boring and the fellow ziplining tourists drive them crazy. If Butters had stayed in the background, Parker and Stone would’ve run out of fresh ideas by the end of the Bush presidency. But take away either Stan or Kyle, and what would you have left? By day, he's a boring geologist, but the rest of the time, he's a renaissance man of the … Seen on Sky News; featured in The Guardian, NY Times, The Independent and more.

Part of that is the result of the show’s audience growing up; the college-age kids and twenty-somethings who’ve been with Parker and Stone since 1997 are now about Randy’s age, and they can slide all-too-comfortably into his shoes when it comes to marital and family issues. So what do we make of the little boy in the parka? Given all they’ve been through and the crazy people who surround them, Stan and Kyle can lay claim to being some of television’s best straight men ever. When Timmy burst onto the scene in Season 4, he represented a major step forward in the depiction of profoundly disabled people on television. Most of the comments on this ranking, in fact, will probably be folks calling me stupid and postulating their own, 100% objectively correct rankings. It would be impossible to imagine any of the kids but Butters getting a ninja star stuck in his eye, or going to pray-away-the-gay camp, or somehow becoming an actual pimp, or becoming a Mexican hero—and because those stories have maintained South Park’s robust childlike gaze, they’ve been crucial to the show’s graceful aging. When South Park is a relic of memory centuries from now, that’s the reason Cartman will still be remembered. His naiveté make him the perfect counterpart for Cartman—if young Eric only ever had Kyle’s adversarial relationship to work with, we never would have glimpsed the more manipulative side of his personality. Star Wars: Squadrons Single-Player Review, Spider-Man 3: Jamie Foxx's Electro to Return, But in the MCU, Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Review, Here Are the Best Graphics Cards From Both Team Green and Team Red, AMC's Gangs of London: Series Premiere Review, Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Is a Very Expensive Game of Pretend, Daily Deals: Early Amazon Prime Day Deals Are Already Available, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. But in serving as South Park’s first exercise in self-parody, Terrance and Phillip established a precedent that has continued to this day.

Though they’re unafraid to insult any given group and have seemed, at times, to mock people who care overly much about various subjects, the duo is firmly on the side of greater societal tolerance and breaking down stigmata. Ever since creating a short Christmas film in college together in 1992, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been breathing life into some of the most eccentric and titillating characters the small screen has ever seen. More importantly, Butters has kept South Park’s original premise intact. Long live online discourse. The season-long plot arc wouldn’t have worked without PC Principal coming into town to shake things up, and now that it looks like he’s here to stay, he suddenly makes South Park Elementary an interesting setting again. The boys, lacking their great mentor, have themselves had to grow up. 18. Now, after a lengthy period following his Season 12 reversion to male in which he mostly did a whole lotta nothing, Garrison’s back in the spotlight, campaigning for the presidency on his “Fuck ‘Em All To Death” ticket alongside Caitlyn Jenner. With Chef died the blithe innocence that colored South Park’s early era of satire. No character is more thoroughly South Park than Mr. Hankey. Then there was the whole seasons-long arc concerning his sexuality, which provided for some classic moments and allowed for us to meet Mr. Slave. His appearance in the Season 1 Christmas special that bears his name was the most absurd thing the show had done to that point, a capstone on a group of episodes that had to that point featured a gay dog, an elephant having sex with a pig, and angry parents catapulting themselves to their deaths against a TV network building.

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