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LAC DE LORME (George's Lake): trout. FISH: Arctic grayling, burbot, goldeye, northern pike, walleye, HIGHLIGHT: Incredible scenery with world-class walleye and dry-fly grayling fishing, HIGHLIGHT: Possibly the most beautiful place on earth, with gorgeous trout, HIGHLIGHT: Challenging fishery with quality trout, HIGHLIGHT: Trophy trout, plus great bird watching, HIGHLIGHT: Great for ice fishing with kids, FISH: Goldeye, lake sturgeon, northern pike, walleye, HIGHLIGHT: Flows through Edmonton, with trophy walleye and prime sturgeon fishing, HIGHLIGHT: Near Edmonton, it has many pike, with a real chance at 40-inchers, WHEN: Year-round (ice season for trophies). S of Radway 5.5 km, E 100 m on access road.

Whether you're an enthusiast or beginner fisherman, with John's help your walls will be lined with beautiful trophies in no time! In this article we highlight some of the more convenient spots to fish in Alberta, specifically in and around the Edmonton area, which will hopefully allow you to take a break from the hustle and bustle while still landing some beautiful trophies! Hwy 28 in Cold Lake. Wondering if there is any good sturgeon fishing close by Edmonton. Arguably the most popular fishing spot in Edmonton, the North Saskatchewan River cuts through the city and offers an incredible amount of different fishing spots that play host to trout, walleye, sturgeon, and pike.

13 km S of Bonnyville.

On Hwy 855 SW of Forestburg. OWEN'S POND: trout.

This app shares it without revealing your honey holes, 12 of the year’s best Canadian outdoor adventure photos. On ponds, stormwater lakes or on the river! NE of Ashmont on Hwy 28A. 17 km E of Wainwright on Hwy 14, 5 km S on Hwy 610. 10 km S, 1 km E from Ardmore. N of Hwy 55. Off Hwy 28, 2 km S of Bellis. All you need is an Alberta sport fishing license and your lunch for the day. 0.5 km W from Beaverdam. Visit Hamilton House Bed & Breakfast, Cold Lake, visit Angler's Bait Tackle & More, Cold Lake. Length data for goldeye isn't reliable but 50 cm goldeye have been caught in Alberta. The main draw of this lake is the abundant Northern Pike with plenty of trophies swimming around. 5 km N of Spedden. Arguably the most popular fishing spot in Edmonton, the North Saskatchewan River cuts through the city and offers an incredible amount of different fishing spots that play host to trout, walleye, sturgeon, and pike. We offer lake fishing, and river fishing, as long with overnight fishing trips. Travel itineraries to help make a memorable trip. Home to the WillVil Walleye Tournament, this lake is an anglers dream. BATTLE RIVER: pike, walleye, burbot, goldeye.

CHATWIN LAKE: whitefish. 14 km E of Boyle, then 1 km S. ANGLING LAKE: pike, perch. 11.2 km W of Edgerton.

MARIE LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot. Adjacent to the popular Ma-Me-O Beach, Pigeon Lake is an easy spot to spend your entire day. Cabin Rentals on the North Saskatchewan River. 14 km W of Thorhild along Hwy 18 & 12 km S. HANMORE LAKE: pike, perch, whitefish. The largest one to be caught on record weight 105 pounds and was 155 centimetres (61 inches) long.

If you're looking at an adventure hit us up. 5 km NE of Hanmore Lake. By navigating on this website, you agree to our use of cookies during your browsing experience. Muir Lake is located about 40km northwest of Edmonton and is reachable in about 40 minutes by car, depending on where you’re coming from.

Anyone can fish without an Alberta Sport Fishing Licence. Lunkers Fishing Adventures, Edmonton Alberta all inclusive fishing outfitter.

INNISFREE TROUT POND: trout. These are the locations you need to look for, 3 ways to be tick safe during your outdoor adventures, Ice-fishing Friday: How to rescue someone who’s fallen through the ice, Winter reads: 9 great new books for anglers and hunters, Is your vintage gun worth $35,000 or $35? Alberta FREE Family Fishing Weekend July 4 & 5, 2020! Remembering Jake MacDonald: A gifted storyteller, keen outdoorsman and fine friend.

6 km S of Myrnam, 5 km W. KADUC LAKE: perch, pike. Edmonton’s waterways are perfect spots to relax, unwind and maybe even come home with a legendary catch. ETHEL LAKE: pike, perch, whitefish, walleye, burbot. Alberta FREE Family Fishing Weekend July 4 & 5, 2020! Lunker’sguides will customize your trip ensuring you get the exact type of experience you are looking for! WHEN: Year-round (ice season for trophies) Here’s why. 5 km W of Bonnyville on Hwy 28. DILBERRY LAKE: trout. My understanding was when they stopped issuing tags that you could not fish for them even under catch and release. LAC SAINT CYR: pike, perch. 3 km N of Frog Lake on Hwy 897. 13 km W of Elk Point. Occasionally, you can see them just downstream from the north end of the Quesnell Bridge. Everyone goes there.

The plates are sharp on young fish, but smooth out with age. Since 1996 Silversides has become the Trusted Authority for Fraser River White Sturgeon Fishing Guides & Holiday Packages in Mission-Chilliwack BC Canada. Lake sturgeon are the largest freshwater fish species in the northern hemisphere, according to the government of Alberta’s website. 15 km S of Lac La Biche on Hwy 36, 13 km E, 3 km N. IRONWOOD LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot.NE of Rich Lake off Hwy 55. About two and half hours north of Edmonton, plan for a full day of fishing. Sauger and walleye are very similar in appearance, but sauger has characteristic black spots on its spiny dorsal fin. Park.

ELINOR LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot. 5 km E of Vilna on Hwy 28, 4 km N. BONNYVILLE TOWN POND: trout. Book a North Saskatchewan River Sturgeon fishing charter to experience the excitement as a five or six foot long Lake Sturgeon weighing up to 112 pounds explodes from the North Saskatchewan River. 4km E of Vilna an Hwy 28 6 km S. CAPT. Many prefer to take a drive and head fairly far from the city centre to cast a line, but there are also some great local spots as well. LAMONT TROUT POND: trout. Hwy 28 N of junction with Hwy 662, 19 km N. HALFMOON LAKE PARK: pike, perch.

Do you like to fistpump and hair-gel? CACHE LAKE: pike, perch. Guided Sturgeon Fishing Trips, since 2000. Planning on trying it this year and looking for a guide or charter close to Edmonton. S of Hwy 14 in E Wainwright. JACKFISH LAKE: trout. The Alberta angling record is 47.7 kg and the maximum fork length is 170 cm. If so, I may know where to find a guide for you. 3 km S of Kikino Metis Settlement. The Alberta angling record is 2.8 kg and the maximum length is 59.6 cm. WABAMUN LAKE, ALBERTA.

Relatively isolated, this is the perfect spot to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and focus on what really matters - catching some of the best Walleye you can imagine. NAMPEI CREEK RESERVOIR: perch. Sturgeon fishing the North Saskatchewan River. ERNISTINA LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish, burbot. Get Hooked Fishing Adventures: Awesome Sturgeon Fishing! Hwy 28 E of St. Paul to Hwy 41, 5 km N. LAC BELLEVUE: walleye, pike, perch. Hit us up for all your fishing needs. 2 km S, 2 km E of Whitefish Lake. Enable Notifications. 15 km N, 5km W, 5km N from Ardmore. The Alberta angling record for the species is 5.9 kg. The goldeye has a bright, yellow or golden eye. RICH LAKE: pike, perch. WHITE EARTH CREEK: pike, walleye. SKELETON LAKE: pike, perch. The maximum fork length for Alberta mooneye is 35.25 cm. Enjoy a full day on the river catching sturgeon, Alberta's largest game fish. Anne, Gull Lake, and Pigeon Lake, just make sure you check ice conditions, safety regulations, and come prepared with the proper gear! 40 km SE of Lac La Biche. As you walk through some of the trails you will find no shortage of spots to fish right from the shore, or if you have a boat, get set up on the accessible boat launch. BELLIS BEACH LAKE: trout, perch. With an incredible amount of wilderness to explore, there is really something for everyone, but sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to escape the city and head into the wild. Alberta Guide to Sportfishing Regulations. Recipe & video: Scrumptious smoked-steelhead pizza—from scratch! These pike can grow to more than 40 inches, and while they can be caught year-round, the best chance of catching a trophy is during the ice season. We topped this day off with 11 sturgeon! NE of Rich Lake off Hwy 55 PRO ALTA POND: trout. LITTLE PERCH LAKE: pike. Each year, during the Family Day long weekend in February and in the second weekend of July. Lunkers Fishing Adventures, Edmonton, Alberta’s fishing charter. Five species of sucker can be caught in the river: silver redhorse, shorthead redhorse, quillback, white and longnose sucker.

9.6 km W of Edgerton.

4 km E of Ashmont, 8 km N. FORESTBURG RESERVOIR: walleye, pike, yellow perch, burbot. Burbot reach a maximum weight of 8.5 kg. HEART LAKE: pike, walleye, perch, whitefish. 5 km E of Smoky Lake on Hwy 28, 10 km N, at T-intersection, 15 km W. SHUSTER LAKE: trout. 11 km E of Smoky Lake, joins N Sask. LITTLE BEAR LAKE: pike, perch, trout. Pregnant women, women of child-bearing age, and children under the age of 15 should not consume the fish at all. VIKING TROUT POND: trout. LITTLE MOOSE LAKE: pike, perch. 75 km S of Lloydminster on Hwy 17. I expect everything would be supplied, as he spends $1600 every month on gear, so hopefully he has a second setup for you to use. 7 Edmonton-area hot spots for trout, walleye and more. 5 km N of Garner Lake Prov. Both goldeye and mooneye are deep, laterally compressed fish with silvery scales. FISH: Northern pike. 15 km SE of St. Paul. Currently, numbers of large adult lake sturgeon are very low in the North Saskatchewan River, but younger fish are more common and growing in number. Outdoor Canada associate editor and fly-fishing columnist Scott Gardner is happiest when he's on the water fishing (especially from his kayak) or just surrounded by trees, preferably out of cellphone range. View All Packages & Tours Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

And, if you want to test your luck at ice fishing, stay in one of their winter camp sites. FLOATING STONE LAKE: pike, walleye, whitefish, perch, burbot. The Alberta angling record is 2.57 kg, with a length of 58.5 cm. Check us out and enjoy your overnight fishing trip with Lunkers.

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