mystery of history vs story of the world

However, you still want to require oral narrations as indicated by “narration breaks” within chapters. I just believe there are better choices for my family. This made it a little tricky to complete a few of the writing assignments. I can’t teach my 6 year old about other religions when she is still trying to understand ours. They do provide free review copies or online access to programs for review purposes. This is my first post! But I am happy to know that we HAVE choices so that we can all choose the right curriculum for our families. It's certainly all interesting to think about. It ignores the fact that multiple converging lines of evidence have been used to come up with the standard Egyptian dates and simply dismisses them, presumably because they don't fit with Bishop Ussher's seventeenth century timeline. Bauer (SOTW) does not give any background for her dates, so I am not sure what source she uses. There is no ability to start new threads or post in response to existing threads. My husband and I originally wanted to look into. And that after some time people began to settle…. Yes! I was okay with it overall and just added in about how these were false gods, etc. I just considered it review.

I will keep these thoughts in mind for my second girl… My first is very precocious and SOTW does not confuse her on who God is at all- for her she is able to compare the lies with the truth she knows and feel compassion for the people living under strong and systematic deceptions… Very important skills as a Christian living in an extremely liberal and secular (with lots of random spiritual influences) culture… God bless you & lead you into all truth! We spread out Cores G&H over 3 years and my daughter is going through all 4 MOH books. The design of these courses is especially well-suited to homeschooling situations. I was more interested in my children understanding the order of what happened  (Creation, flood, Egyptians). Both have the option of coloring pages and both do include maps for map work (although I use MapTrek). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The timeline sold to go along with MOH is advertised as also being compatible with Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations and the Bible, a text that is highly recommended by AIG. I had to keep correcting and adding to the story. ( Log Out /  I AGREE! The four MOH courses combine read-aloud information with age-appropriate activities to create a multi-sensory curriculum for history and geography with a very strong biblical base. Paperback $16.68 $ 16. I found this looking for a history curriculum for my son and have found so much more! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

I didn’t like SOTW because it didn’t present to me as a coherent young earth resource in that first chapter of the first book.


I just believe that for our family it was important to be careful HOW and WHEN we started that process. This isn’t the case in SOTW. Even so, students will learn about many of the main events and key people. – We teach our children about things like Greek gods as an overview to cover understanding for purposes of history, literature, culture, etc. Please don’t think I am saying other wise, but I didn’t have much exposure to other religions and why they were wrong. I applaud you for your decision and for blogging about it! Teacher guides have a teacher page at the beginning of the material for each chapter. I wished I didn’t go against my gut and just got MOH. Depending on personal preference, this may or may not be a bad thing. As a new Christian and a homeschool mom (early years) I’m sensitive to not being led astray. When deciding on a history program to use for first grade, I had no doubt that I would choose The Story of the World (SOTW) books. But with all the xtra lessons about things that SOTW doesn't talk about, you'll still find yourself behind...unless you just read what corresponds with the IG. Activities:  SOTW requires more map work than MOH. A Pastor’s Reading Plan, Part One: Periodicals, Beauty’s Difficulties: Accounting for Taste, Sale On Some of Our Favorite Homeschool Curricula, The Future of Fundamentalist Education: Delivery. ( Log Out /  At these grade levels, most of the craft activities are not as educationally worthwhile as they might be for younger students. You’re right – my parenting, my teaching, and in fact my entire way of living is based on the premise that God is real, Jesus lived and died and rose again, and that He is my Savior. So we checked out Volume 1 of Story of the World, both book and audio, and tried it out. We considered this curriculum but shied away from it for some reason that I could not put my thumb on. I prefer challenging, and I like the way SOTW is written. Most of the lessons with MOH 1 are only 3-5 minutes to read with the occsaional 10 minute lesson. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are many things we liked about the curriculum: I know many will not agree with our take on The Story of the World and that is totally fine! I would love to know where? When we do talk to our kids of false gods and idols, we make it clear that they are, indeed, false. I think it’s important that we use our influence to educate others. I have noticed the same. You can find lots of help syncing MOH with Sonlight if you choose to go that direction. 68 to rent $27.15 to buy. I am so glad I found this! The Story of the World Volume 3 by Susan Wise Bauer (Page numbers are included for both original 2004 Edition and the revised edition released in February 2020. The first edition of MOH followed a slightly looser dating (creation starting at 5000 BC iirc). A few hours before happening upon your thoughts here, I happened upon Truth Quest History — the very curriculum I’ve been holding out for — and I don’t think it’s any coincidence. Very well written. I would be interested to hear your perspective on your Bible translation work some time as it seems to me surprising giving your beliefs about the Bible. I teach my children what I know and what I believe. I don’t belong to Classical Conversations but I know that although they recommend it (or at least use it as a main history curriculum), many families can and do choose other curricula without any problems and they work well with CC. I had already purchased SOTW, but wanted to review MOH as well. My kids, 11 and 9 y, have loved it also. After reading this post, I am so glad we did not choose to pursue it very far. my kids loved the audio but I also was frustrated with all the false god talk. I tried again and again to shrug off my concerns; I told myself I could cherry pick, skip whole chapters if necessary, and supplement with other curriculum. I also like the tests for SOTW for grades 4-8. Create a free website or blog at I chose MOH because it already has the biblical history intertwined.

I've learned so much in 20 years here--kind of MY homeschooling education! How does that work? We will pickup MOH soon and I’m thinking we won’t be disappointed. You don’t believe in a seven day  Creation, you don’t believe in Adam and Eve, you don’t believe in the flood or the Tower of Babel. Not one to generally get into a debate, but we are not YE, we do however use MOH & I don't find it to be an issue aside from the first few chaptering dates.. Having said that, we don't memorise dates all though we do put together a timeline. I know secular texts are not worldview neutral. No thanks. I appreciate your comments.

I completed this comparison on my own initiative in order to implement the best curriculum for my family (although I hope this will help others make a decision). I do not understand people who try to brainwash their children into believing exactly what they believe. Click here to read my review of the America’s Story portion of the series that covers U.S. history and is written for grades three through six. I found that we were usually off in our readings (MOH was a little behind, if I recall correctly). The World’s Story 2 sometimes oversteps with anti-Catholic slants such as this description of indulgences on page 255: “Indulgences were certificates that exempted the owner from having to do penance.

A lot of it lines up but even if it doesn't I definitely prefer MOH with its Christian perspective and it is so much more in depth. I’m thinking that addressing each point you made is probably not helpful, although if you are interested in dialoguing more with me about that, I can be reached at tauna(at)proverbialhomemaker(dot)com.

All but the book come either in CD or downloadable format, so making copies for your family is easy. Revised edition page numbers are indicated by the abbreviation REV.) Thank you for explaining your experience so well. Before I jump into why we choose The Mystery of History for our homeschool, I want to share a quick overview.


There are SO many other good things to explore and dig into that are more worthwhile! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This very nicely integrates Bible history and puts the focus back where it should be while still using a good resource.

Someone mentioned there are good resources to help tie MOH in with SOTW. I understand your concern. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

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