methods of specimen collection

Given the frequent need to conserve blood volume in our pediatric patient population, please see our list of Pediatric Minimum Whole Blood Draw Volumes for the minimum sample volumes needed for certain frequently ordered tests. * In general, because of the risk of bacterial contamination, if blood cultures are needed they should always be drawn first.

�9���ndPe`l� Q�X` ѭ.7 Arterial and venipuncture sampling are still very common and still have their places in medicine, clinical research, and patient care. The band/tourniquet retains blood within the arm and makes the veins more visible; Select the vein from where the sample is to be taken. There are also several potential contradictions that can affect the site of the collection, such as an abnormal modified Allen test or local infection. Please see the Specimen Collection section of our Microbiology Guide for collection information, including our Microbiology Specimen Collection Guide for … Many blood-based analyses require collection into yellow-topped acid-citrate-dextrose tubes and … dorsal hand veins. Learn about insights, research, case studies, and tutorials on integrating remote specimen collection, microsampling, and more!

Microbiology Collection. It's also a common term in blood sampling for laboratory analysis.

DO NOT withdraw specimens from an extremity proximal to a running IV, nor from the IV line itself as this may result in contamination of the sample with the IV fluid. endstream endobj startxref

Note: cell counts will not be performed on tube #1 if that sample is grossly bloodier than tube #3. Specimens for coagulation testing may also be affected by an abnormal hematocrit. There is also an increased risk of bleeding complications in patients with coagulopathy. Fingerstick or fingerprick sampling involves taking a very small amount of blood from the patient, usually from the end of a finger. 6. However, its commonality does not equate with it being the best way to collect a blood sample. Specimens must be at 8-12 hours apart with one of them being collected the first thing in the morning. From preclinical research to clinical trials to remote patient monitoring, the future of microsampling is here. While the minimum volume necessary for testing is stated in the test menu, when clinically possible it is advisable to collect the preferred volume, as this will allow for repeat testing when necessary. Sputum Collection At least three consecutive sputum specimens are needed. The Mitra Device is a single-use, non-sterile device used as a specimen collector and for the storage and transport of blood or other biological fluids. 4 areas to avoid during the venipuncture procedure. If blood is to be obtained from a catheter, it must be collected by nursing staff. �. The UCSF Clinical Laboratories operates multiple specimen collection facilities throughout San Francisco. Please follow this link for some useful phlebotomy/specimen collection policies and procedures. However, from the patient’s perspective, it can also be painful, unnerving, frightening, and inconvenient.

The anticoagulants and clotting activators in each tube are specific for the type of sample necessary for testing. Urine containers requiring special preservatives are not stocked on the floors, but can be obtained from the specimen processing desk at each hospital laboratory. Note: CSF samples for Beta Amyloid 42/Tau Protein Analysis must be collected in a special polypropylene tube to prevent adherence of the protein to the sides of the tube. Patient welfare at the point of collection is not the only reason why this method should be considered the best way to collect a blood sample. Three popular methods of blood collection are (click to easily navigate to the section you want on this page): This form of blood collection most commonly takes place within a hospital environment.

Note: these minimum volumes do not allow for add-on or repeat testing. Note: cell counts will not be performed on tube #1 if that sample is grossly bloodier than tube #3. The laboratory offering the test should be contacted to determine the specifics of sample collection and handling; required samples range from hair to skin or blood. Health care providers, who are either collecting specimens or instructing patients on how to collect specimens, must clearly understand proper collection methods and how suboptimal collection procedure will affect the … For at home specimen collections, appropriate specimen containers and patient instructions can be obtained from any of our outpatient specimen collection facilities. Please see the Specimen Collection section of our Microbiology Guide for collection information, including our Microbiology Specimen Collection Guide for UCSF Operating Rooms.

If, by contrast, the venipuncture is difficult with much searching for the vein, the blood flow is slow, or the collection is made into a large syringe, the coagulation cascade may become activated; in that case, an initial blue top tube should be filled, discarded and a second filled tube should be collected for testing. Each respiratory pathogen requires a unique set of specimen types, collection methods and handling conditions to optimize diagnostic yield.

Please follow this link for the addresses and hours of operation of these facilites. PLAY. Check the expiration date of all tubes prior to collecting samples and discard any expired tubes. Please see the Urine Preservative Table for important requirements relevant to chemical analyses of urine specimens. In this circumstance cell counts should be interpreted with caution.

Midstream “clean-catch” urine collection is the most common method of obtaining urine specimens from adults, particularly men. 824 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[]/Index[813 32]/Info 812 0 R/Length 69/Prev 100516/Root 814 0 R/Size 845/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream Laboratory phlebotomists have been instructed not to collect samples proximal to an IV, and will ask nursing personnel to stop the IV prior to phlebotomy and restart it after the samples have been collected. phlebotomy/specimen collection policies and procedures, outpatient specimen collection facilities, Pediatric Minimum Whole Blood Draw Volumes, Avoid prolonged venous stasis prior to sample collection, DO NOT force blood from syringe through a needle into a vacutainer as the resultant jet may damage red cells, instead allow the sample to be pulled into the vacutainer by the vacuum in the vacutainer, Liquid-containing vacutainers (e.g. Specimen quality begins of course with collection. This information is also available via the individual test entries in our test menu. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(1806452, 'ebcca632-e4f0-4c33-b655-8b79ea18fa4b', {}); Originally published Mar 2, 2017 6:42:00 AM, updated on September 22, 2020.

Usually, medical practitioners draw samples in their offices, at times convenient for them (if not always for patients). 0 Specimens can be collected from both sides using the same swab, but it is not necessary to collect specimens from both sides if the minitip is saturated with fluid from the first collection. To obtain a representative specimen uncontaminated by the initial contents of the line, a volume of blood at least six times (6x) greater than the catheter dead space should be removed and discarded prior to collecting the sample to be sent to the laboratory. Based on the clients understanding it maybe recommended to collect the specimens 24 hours

Complete filling of vacutainers (especially for coagulation testing): 4. heparin or saline). by Neoteryx |

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