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He pointed Starkiller to a Star Destroyer construction facility over Raxus Prime, which could be destroyed from the planet surface.

Again, after a long fight that caused much damage to the throne room, Sidious was defeated by Starkiller's superior affinity for The Force. This mask is more like Darth Vaders. Zorba the Hutt, Main Villains Grøh, Others Natasi Daala | The first person Starkiller thought to recruit was Master Kota, since during their duel Kota said he would eventually become Starkiller's master. His training with Darth Vader filled Galen with anger and coldness, making him a loyal, but unstoppable assassin. Blasting him with Sith Lightning, Sidious easily subdued Kota. Galen Marek, also known as Starkiller and The Apprentice, is the anti-heroic protagonist of the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and a posthumous character in its sequel Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. As Starkiller turned to depart for his mission, Vader firmly told him that he was to kill everyone aboard: Imperial or Militia.

Again contacting Vader, Starkiller told him that he needed to cease contact with Vader for a time in order to gain the trust of his new allies. Despite this, Starkiller battled his way through the wilds of Felucia to the Ancient Abyss, where Shaak Ti hoped to lure Starkiller into a Sarlaac Pit. Unknown to Vader, Starkiller had survived the fall and was picked up by Juno in The Rogue Shadow. Harrar |

Galen advanced on the Emperor, who said it was his destiny to give in to his hate and destroy him. Relieved, he brought PROXY back to The Rogue Shadow, where they reunited with Juno and Kota.

At the sight of his apprentice battered and broken yet again, Sidious started goading Starkiller to kill Darth Vader and take his place as the Emperor's apprentice. Shaak Ti attacked Galen, but he sent her back into the tentacles and blasted the entire Sarlacc with Force lightning. KOS-MOS | Galen finally became Vader’s assassin and enforcer, eagerly killing targets in the Imperial military and government. When Starkiller finally reached Kota, the old man scoffed, believing that he could easily overpower the boy that Vader had sent. However he craved a chance to fight and kill a Jedi.

After a short duel, the image faded to reveal PROXY. Lord Starkiller | This exercise was failure, but Galen felt that it had made him stronger. £15.24. Allies: The rebel leaders converged on Kashyyyk, in Starkiller's old hut, where they officially founded the Alliance to Restore the Republic, more commonly known as the Rebel Alliance. Darth Caedus | Onimi | XoXann |

Soldiers: Darth Krayt's Sith Troopers | Morlish Veed, Prophets of the Dark Side Noticing the stormtroopers' intentions to kill the boy, Vader retrieved his lightsaber and quickly dispatched the helpless Imperials.
When Starkiller demanded to speak to Bail, Kota informed him that Bail had gone missing after searching for Master Shaak Ti on Felucia.

He stated that he would never betray his master, but Shaak Ti warned him that the Sith always betrayed one another in the end. Serve Darth Vader to the best of his abilities (Initially). Starkiller was instructed to travel to an Imperial Shipyard above Nar Shaddaa, where a Jedi Master named Rahm Kota was leading an attack against the Imperial forces stationed there, and kill the Jedi and bring back his lightsaber as proof. Witwer, a loyal Star Wars fan, also voiced Emperor Palpatine in the game. Prince Xizor | Vercci | Fygul Cestemus | Night Terror | Chester | Luna | Aurelia | Demuth Beel Zebus Halteese | Barbaros | Iiona Farkas | Dark Sophitia | Azola | Solnhofen | Marienbard, Auguste and Jacqueline | Phantasm | Shadow | Shura | Arcturus | Odor | Murk | Woes | Mechastaroth | Drakes | Gael | Ludo | Gisil | Dario | Giuseppe | Urias Montross | Kratos | Galactic Alliance Guard Leia Organa | Luke Skywalker | Rey, Galactic Republic Though he was a skilled pilot, Vader wanted Galen to focus on his training, but the pilots were either killed in missions or by Vader. This, along with his vision on Kashyyyk, pushed Starkiller further along the path to redemption.
Darth Gean | On the long trip to Raxus Prime, Galen attempted to research his mission, but was distracted, often needing PROXY to repeat mission details. But Vader contacted him again, telling him to go back to the Jedi Temple to train again. He stepped back, thinking Kota was using some sort of mind trick, letting the Jedi escape by blasting open one of the command center’s viewports and leaping out. Jerec | Maris attacked Starkiller with the aid of a monstrous Bull Rancor, though Starkiller managed to overpower both with relative ease. As their lightsabers were locked, Kota explained that Darth Vader wouldn't always control Starkiller, and that eventually Kota would become his Master. Vainly attempting to convince Vader that they could destroy Sidious, he could only wait for Vader to end his life. Sate Pestage | Edge Master | Bail also assured Starkiller that he would attempt to convince other disillusioned Senators to join their cause. Rather, he is considered to be a Dark Jedi, one of numerous Dark Side acolytes trained by the Empire. Cos Dashit | Darth Vader | Heishiro Mitsurugi |

Using The Force, the Emperor hurled the ship at Starkiller, killing the rebels in the ensuing explosion. Heihachi Mishima | Darth Vader | Galen Marek | Kratos | Devil Jin, Organizations Durga the Hutt | White Armor.

Incredulous, Starkiller stated that it was impossible, only to be reminded that he was a Jedi, and that size meant nothing to a Jedi. At that moment, the Jedi had a brief vision of Galen’s future and was surprised to see that he would be a part of it. On the trip back to Vader, the apprentice tried to fix Paratus’ broken lightsaber pike to give to his master, but gave up. The Jedi then fell back into the Sarlacc pit and died, prompting Galen to take his leave and report his success to Vader. Should the player choose to attack Darth Vader instead of Sidious at the end of The Force Unleashed, then the player will begin a second boss fight that results in the death of Darth Vader.

Czulkang Lah | Thus, Galen decided to go looking for Rahm Kota and went from Nar Shaddaa to Ziost in his search, learning that the Jedi was indeed in Bespin and the Empire was coming after him.

The Dark Lord told him that the time had come to bring down the Emperor and he headed back to Vader’s ship. Darth Ruin |

Amanoa | Darth Gravid |

Hethrir | Galen learned what little he could on Paratus, who had been known for his skill at droid making and had formed his own army of droids during the Clone Wars. Stating that he knew that Starkiller would betray him as well as Vader and the rebels, the Emperor attacked Starkiller with Sith Lightning just as The Rogue Shadow appeared to extract the rebels. He was highly reclusive, opening up only to PROXY, and it took Galen some time to warm up to Juno, though his feelings for her greatly confused him.

Zekk | Out of the Jedi that Marek had dueled, Rahm Kota was the only one to survive the ordeal. Pol Secura, Other Despite spending the majority of his life under the tutelage of Darth Vader, Starkiller never became a true Sith Lord. Vantos Coll, One Sith Vergere | Reluctantly agreeing, Starkiller continued to push back the Empire's forces until he reached the skyhook. Darth Plagueis | As Galen went on, he came across an old hut surrounded by a dark presence in the Force. Zona Luka, Yuuzhan Vong

Tol Skorr | Galen with Kota after defeating the Shadow Guards. Baron Merillion Tarko |

Starkiller awoke six months later onboard an Imperial laboratory frigate called The Empirical. Galen being impaled through the chest by Vader.

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