elementary spanish curriculum scope and sequence

As we become more independent, our daily lives require us to make choices and demonstrate responsibility. The content for each week is based on an immersive Diglot Weave™ story which runs throughout the course with weekly episodes beginning in English and each day weaving in more Spanish. Create a teacher account and invite students to watch video lessons and do online activities. This sets them up for success when they take more rigorous courses in junior high and high school or when they have a chance for full immersion. It takes about a 1,000 to 3,000 word vocabulary to become minimally conversational in a foreign language.

Follow the chart diagonally from top to bottom to see how a child progresses from year to year. EXPLORATORY. Señor Brooks, in these fun and engaging video lessons. Communicating with each other helps us to develop identity and learn language. 105 visual aids and reproducibles for the lesson activities and art projects insure that teachers save time preparing and planning.

First Grade Calendar Time checklist to keep track of all of the activities that you cover. The storybooks are an integral part of each lesson. In Art Time students complete an art project which gives them a hands-on, practical application of language concepts. Each Scope and Sequence document is designed for a specific school year and reflects the number of available instructional days for that year and grading period. Students study a foreign language for a variety of reasons: required career skill, college requirements or just for personal satisfaction. Four 18” x 24” laminated posters including a blank calendar, the numbers 1—31, a world map, and daily questions with spaces to write the answers. Read more about the role of technology in the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum. Home Reports also include suggestions for at-home enrichment of lesson themes. It gives students a foundation of vocabulary, grammar structures, and pronunciation.

Colorful, engaging, and useful for each Calendar Time lesson. 35 Lessons provide enough material for up to 105 class sessions. Complete K – 8 Spanish Elementary Curriculum, Sing 'n Speak Spanish | Spanish classes in San Diego, CA. For this reason, the Scope & Sequence Chart lists Year 6 as Part 1 & Part 2. 35 Portfolio activities reinforce the language concepts for each lesson through independent student practice. Teachers photocopy and send the reports home to parents. Lyrics and TPR directions for all the songs on the music CDs are included. As an example, the chart highlights the sequence for a child starting Spanish … Five weather posters with common weather phrases. Since 1998, I have dedicated myself to the development of this very organized, ready-to-use Spanish … Calendar Time lesson plan, Calendar Time scope and sequence, and Calendar Time scope and sequence template for easy planning. Knowing more than one language connects people and makes it possible to discover similarities and differences. The posters correspond to the alphabet activities in the guide. Knowledge of more than one language prepares us to communicate our needs in unfamiliar situations. 30 detailed alphabet activities that teach students the sounds and spelling of the Spanish alphabet.

If you would like to purchase individual copies of the Student Portfolio, click here to see bulk pricing. Sixty nine 8.5” x 11” posters that you will use in your Calendar Time lessons. The Level I Storybook Set is not included in the Level I curriculum. NOVICE PROFICIENCY BENCHMARK-COMMUNICATION. Notice that Year 1 Spanish is labeled as Year 1A, 1B, and 1C. Second Grade As unique individuals, we can describe the choices we make that may impact our well … The Year 1C course is taught with a separate but parallel Year 1 (6-8) curriculum with higher level activities, additional grammar, approximately 25% more vocabulary, and a higher level workbook appropriate for older students. Reproducibles for all the activities and art projects in the lessons save you time planning. You do not have to purchase the Level I Storybook Set with Level I, but then you will want to find the storybooks for each lesson on your own. Students can participate in reading and writing Spanish. Detailed explanation of how to establish your Calendar Time routine with over 70 activities. First Grade Communicating with each other helps us to develop identity and learn language. Fourth Grade Your purchase of the Level I or Level II curriculum includes a free Teacher subscription to Rockalingua. Students do Circle Time, Story Time, Art Time, and Portfolio Activities. Third Grade Spanish Scope and Sequence Adopted: June 22, 2000; Revised May 15, 2006, Revisions Approved by Board of Education on March 17, 2008 1 STRAND. 30 detailed alphabet activities that teach students the sounds and spelling of the Spanish alphabet.

Calendar Time lesson plan, Calendar Time scope and sequence, and Calendar Time scope and sequence template for easy planning. SPANISH I . The Spanish Elementary 1 course consists of 180 lesson days formatted in an intuitive calendar view. The scope and sequence articulates the Communication Objective, Language Outcomes, and vocabulary covered in each lesson.

A comprehensive introduction provides an in-depth look at the methodology and implementation of the curriculum and a step-by-step guide for using the lesson plans. Home Reports for each lesson allow parents to see what their child is learning in Spanish. The Resource CD also contains a digital version of the Student Portfolio for easy printing. Anchored in evidence-based research, the California Common Core Standards, and encompassing other high standards, The lesson plans suggest ways to lower or elevate the level of instruction to match the students’ abilities. 47 fun, easy-to-learn Spanish songs are used to introduce and develop the language concepts for each lesson. All Rights Reserved. Kindergarten Students then practice language concepts and independent reading and writing with the portfolio activities. Sing ‘n Speak Spanish® is a highly interactive Spanish program for children. During Art Time the teacher engages students one-on-one and converses with them in Spanish about what they’re working on—further reinforcing language concepts. Both CDs come complete with the lyrics for every song. Let Sonrisas take care of your distance learning needs! Work at their own pace and practice discrete skills with engaging online content. Language concepts are introduced in Circle Time—all in Spanish—through songs, games, and lesson activities.

S. PEAKING • • Practice and give the meaning of a basic Spanish vocabulary – Words – Phrases Recognize the meaning of Spanish vocabulary terms relating to everyday life …

I can present information on both very familiar and everyday topics using a variety of practiced or memorized words, phrases, and simple sentences through spoken, written, or signed language. Fifth Grade We are a global community and must be able to interact with people around the world. The Scope & Sequence chart below illustrates how to incorporate this Spanish program into your school. The Scope & Sequence chart below assumes once a week instruction and would change if the curricula were taught more frequently.

Go to Support Materials to learn more about the Year 6 and 7 instructional materials. (other subject matters, math, science, geography, etc. Each course introduces 300 – 500 words/phrases depending on the level of Spanish. Click here for a printable pdf of the curriculum summary

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