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Fresher in ‘sleep with the poorest girl’ group chat has Durham offer withdrawn, Being an International Fresher at Durham: Tips and tricks, Durham sixth in The Times’ Good University Guide, second lowest for social inclusion, Local lockdown-style restrictions set for Durham, CPS confirm no criminal prosecutions after the death of Durham student Olivia Burt, ‘I’m trying to change to St Andrews’: Durham freshers on the group chat revelations, ‘They’ve exposed the toxic atmosphere’: Durham support groups on the Freshers’ chat, Update: Durham Uni now refusing to comment on action against new group chat, Durham boys joke about ‘sleeping with the poorest girl’ competition in group chat. The petition ends by referencing the “racial abuse” of Seun Twins, President elect of the SU on Overheard at Durham, a now suspended unofficial facebook group for Durham students, after inflammatory screenshots were leaked from her private Instagram account. Emma is studying science at college, Ross would be so proud, Her relationship with Watts is said to be over, Biggs has apologised to Rebecca after his ex claimed they were together when he left the show, This is the best time of year and you can’t change my mind, Their former bodyguard has filed a lawsuit against them, Henry Cavill responded saying ‘honestly, nothing surprises me anymore’, He’s in the same prison as Steven Avery from Making A Murderer, They’re having to find out about cases through group chats instead, Pour one out for the Edi students surviving on coleslaw sandwiches, It’s the one uni ranking you don’t want to be top of, The documentary about the 2018 case has been released today, STOP what you’re doing and watch this video now, Students stress ‘mental health comes first’, I just wanna be Katherine Ryan in The Duchess.

A petition  outlining a number of demands to end racism and diversity issues at Durham University has circulated around social media gaining over 3,000 signatures. As aforementioned, the University should be actively encouraging people to use this tool – it is not enough for it to just exist. Now I’ll be honest I don’t really understand but I fell down this hill now I’ve got glue on my hands !! The petition comes after a video of a Durham student espousing ostensibly racist comments emerged online. The petition also highlights the lack of diversity at Durham, with only 1% of students identifying from Black Caribbean and African backgrounds, 3% below the national average. Self-isolating students should get extra mental health support, says Keir Starmer, This is where you recognise that annoyingly catchy ‘Tap In’ TikTok audio from, Riverdale, marriage and horror films: This is what the kids from Friends are up to now. Durham University should be vigilant, and actively seek out to combat racism wherever it shows up amongst its University population. The thread also links to other individuals’ testimonies. The University should be actively encouraging students to come forward with anything racist they have witnessed. Klute is finally reopening and it’s table booking only! Durham University, as an institution, needs to accept and admit that they have problems with diversity and racism. Such statistics should be publicly available and updated regularly. Durham the best UK university for Music, Guardian 2021 league table shows, Durham University enforces mask wearing next term as ‘the socially responsible thing to do’, Durham Uni offers up to £1,500 bursary for students who defer until 2021, Meet the members of Scoop: Durham’s answer to zero waste food shopping, Durham University announces it will now honour all offers successfully met, Jimmy Allen’s launch new logoed face masks, Durham Survivors Instagram page launched as sexual assault support network, Durham University announces reopening plans for next academic year, The Durham college stereotypes, according to this year’s pre-fresh, Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which Horrible Histories character you are. The Durham SU President-Elect, Seun Twins, was subjected to repeated racially-motivated attacks online. Anyone found beyond reasonable doubt to be expressing racial hatred should be permanently expelled from the University. https://twitter.com/itsnicholavo/status/1248957980776824833. https://twitter.com/durham_uni/status/1267840939852251136. The petition references a Guardian article claiming that there were only 3 incidents of racism in the last five years (up to July 2019), claiming that the real figure is far greater as a result of unreported incidents.

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants is now on Netflix, so which girl are you? According to a Guardian Article from July 2019, in the five academic years leading up to the article’s publication, Durham only received three complaints regarding race, of which only one was upheld.

Access the univeristy’s Hate Crime Project here. A full investigation should be launched into every report. Anyone found beyond reasonable doubt to be expressing racial hatred should be permanently expelled from the University.”. https://t.co/kZUfGuUkJx pic.twitter.com/xzI5DXZZWG. Despite the platform being formally unaffiliated with the University, it seems unlikely that the University is unaware of the controversy, yet has done nothing to respond to these incidents. Publishing a #blackouttuesday post in response to the George Floyd tragedy means nothing if they refuse to acknowledge and work on the racist issues within the University. The University should adopt a true zero-tolerance attitude towards racial hate. American Murder: What happened to Chris Watts’ other girlfriend Nichol Kessinger?

Ewan Bowler, a history student who started the petition, wrote that: “Publishing a #blackouttuesday post in response to the George Floyd tragedy means nothing if they refuse to acknowledge and work on the racist issues within the University.”. This figure clearly does not reflect the true number of racist events that occurred in this period. Love Island’s Biggs’ ex claims his relationship with Rebecca is fake, The 13 best new scary films and series on Netflix this spooky season, Kris Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian deny sexual harassment claims, Netflix is being sued over the depiction of Sherlock in Enola Holmes, What is life like for Chris Watts now? Will you do the same? Many other people were also subjected to … No one (as of 03/06/2020), as far as the information that is publicly available shows, has ever been expelled from Durham University for expressing racial hatred, despite the fact that racism is an enormous issue at the University. The petition then criticises the ineffectiveness of the University Hate Crime Project. https://www.theguardian.com/world/ng-interactive/2019/jul/05/which-uk-universities-have-received-racism-complaints. Durham University should introduce an outreach program directed towards black state school students across England, encouraging and supporting them to apply to study at the University. A large number of students would testify as such. The University should be vigilant in tackling racism. It was created after a video of a Durham student espousing hate surfaced online. If you mean anything you say in this tweet I hope you can deal with this in the right way. Wait, what made the biggest TikTokers famous in the first place? The latest on Netflix American Murder subject, Students in Unite halls aren’t being told about Covid outbreaks in their buildings, Ranked: The worst meals given to students by their unis whilst in isolation, The votes are in: These are the most cringe unis of them all, The full true story behind Netflix true crime ‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’, Congrats to Love Island’s Biggs for the cringiest spon con of the year, These 31 Bake Off memes are almost as shocking as last night’s result, ‘9k 4 What?’: Here are all the signs put up by students under forced lockdown in halls, This is what it’s like being one of the thousands of students locked down in halls right now, Quiz: Plan an outfit and we’ll tell you which Netflix style queen you are. Durham University should be vigilant, and actively seek out to combat racism wherever it shows up amongst its University population. https://www.dur.ac.uk/equality.diversity/hatecrimeproject/ https://reportandsupport.durham.ac.uk/ Recent Incidents. It should also not be the only method through which the University combats racism. To reconcile this, the petition calls for the university to actively encourage students to report incidents of racism. https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/populationbyethnicityageandsex, https://www.dur.ac.uk/resources/student.registry/statistics/summary/1.6ethnic/191-6.pdf. Durham University is also yet to publish any details or statistics to do with the reports from ‘Report + Support’, and any consequent actions that has been taken following investigations. A full investigation should be launched into every report. The Hate Crime Project was a step in the right direction in trying to stem racist incidents at Durham University, with the set-up of the ‘Report + Support’ website, however this website is largely unheard of among Durham students.

Additionally, the petition calls for the “the University should adopt a true zero-tolerance attitude towards racial hate. https://www.dur.ac.uk/equality.diversity/hatecrimeproject/. Created in October 2019 to document and tackle racial incidents, 9 months later they are yet to publish any details or information about the impact of the program on hate incidents in Durham. The student is being “investigated” by the university. This petition starter stood up and took action. One insightful Twitter thread detailing recent racist (and other prejudicial) events is linked below. The Durham SU President-Elect, Seun Twins, was subjected to repeated racially-motivated attacks online. Several other students’ messages were looked into, and investigations are continuing, Yes, do bring those packets of Indomee and Milo, The Times found that just 48.7 per cent of Durham admissions were from state school students, Bans on socialising with other households and 10pm curfews are likely to be included, Her parents are ‘deeply disappointed’ after such a ‘lengthy investigation’, ‘Durham was my dream university, but it’s a nightmare now’, We spoke to Durham Survivors, Dismantling The Culture at Durham University and the Intersectional Feminism Society about the group chat screenshots, The president of DUCA has said the chat was not affiliated with DUCA members, The freshers also made misogynistic and racist comments, The University also jumped one place overall, and now ranks as Number 4 in the country, Durham University this afternoon shared their ‘effective and flexible health and safety plans’ surrounding the wearing of masks for the new term, The bursaries will come in the form of accommodation discounts, Scoop will offer Durham students a new way to obtain their weekly shop, Bursaries are being offered to students who volunteer to defer until 2021 where courses are full, Our final year in Durham is all-round going to be better than our 3-year-degree-pals’, The bar announced the launch of its new face coverings earlier this afternoon, The page, created three days ago, has already gained over 1000 followers, The new guidelines include plans to lengthen teaching days and give 2 reusable masks to students and staff, One respondent didn’t know Van Mildert was a real college until we asked them about it, He says the government ‘don’t really have a plan’ for the return of students. Black Caribbean and African populations total just 1.1% of the University’s student population. How much are you actually going to spend in your first term?

Your university student Liam Quinn is racist. To reconcile this, the petition calls for the university to actively encourage students to report incidents of racism. Many other people were also subjected to racially-motivated verbal attacks on the ‘Durfess’ platform on Facebook. The University should take the initiative to battle racism amongst its students and staff, wherever it presents itself, and not just act when a formal complaint is made. This compares to statistics from the 2011 census indicating that up to 4% of Britain’s young population identifies as Black Caribbean or African. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google.

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