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new japan pro wrestling official site,hot news,roster,tickets,merchandise,results Hansen & Gordy, meanwhile, acted like perfect heels, punishing Kawada at every opportunity. Hall Sch Japanese.

card. AJPW’s roster once featured some of the toughest, strongest and most innovative wrestlers on the planet. 'puwota' means Japanese pro-wrestling (puroresu) junkie. I’m looking forward to our global fanbase once again experiencing the same unbeatable action of NJPW in new and innovative formats that continue to prove to the world why we are the ‘King of Sports.’”. “It is still on the calendar, although again, venues and crowd capacity will be dependent on both our own and the local governments’ guidelines. new. There will be a New Japan Cup winner crowned next weekend, a G1 Climax to look forward to this fall, and more stars set to return once international travel restrictions are eased. Once upon a time, All Japan Pro Wrestling (AJPW) was THE best wrestling promotion in the world.

These pages are made by officical pro-wresling company website. While it might not be at the same level of in-ring quality as other matches on this list, it’s a fun little match that shows just how popular some foreigners were in Japan, even if most of them were shoe-horned into playing the token ‘evil invader’ whenever they wrestled. So you’ll see a lot of new faces, and also a new presentation. hot. hot. Former UFC fighter and current Major League Wrestling star “Filthy” Tom Lawlor makes his New Japan debut at Lion’s Break Collision, and Meij touched on the excitement surrounding Lawlor’s arrival and whether there is potential for a partnership with MLW. “You can expect some very impressive things from Tom Lawlor,” said Meij. However, we are planning to have a competition that does not disappoint everyone’s expectations, according to the participants announced last time”. Check it out! Posted by. 1 1 1 1. This is the oldest match on this list, but it plays an important role in the larger story being told in all of these wrestling contests. Follow him on Twitter @JustinBarrasso. If All Elite Wrestling agrees to work with the other promotions it could bring a larger fan base to the company, which is still in its infancy. From April 6 to May 5, All Japan Pro Wrestling was set to host their annual Champion Carnival tournament. ALL JAPAN PRO-WRESTLING Reschedules The 2020 Champion Carnival Tournament. All Japan Pro-Wrestling. The competition was a round-robin style event that featured big names such as Davey Boy Smith Jr., Jake Lee, and Kento Miyahara; however, the promotion was forced to scrap the event due to the coronavirus pandemic. “Ever since he was a competitor in the UFC, Lawlor has wanted to step into a New Japan ring, and you’ll see him make the most of that opportunity. “This includes, amongst others, the regular COVID testing of all our talent and staff, disinfection protocols for all arena areas, and importantly the ability to trace customers in case of an outbreak,” said Meij. “That’s a credit to our production, with energetic announcing, and the ability empty buildings afford us to really hear every hit dealt in the ring.

All Rights Reserved. From the mid-1970s, All Japan was firmly established as the large… Many wrestlers had left with Baba, with many more joining the following year when JWA folded. Tomorrow is Wrestle Kingdom 13, and representatives from All Elite Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, and Ring Of Honor are scheduled to meet. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, After not running shows in March, April, or May, New Japan halted live shows at the end of February. Change In Leadership at NJPW, Harold Meij Out As CEO, AEW Updates COVID-19 Testing Procedures Following Multiple Positive Tests, Jim Cornette’s Lawyer Says He Issued A Cease & Desist To AEW, Serena Deeb Signs Deal With All Elite Wrestling, Cody Rhodes Trademark For ‘The American Dream’ Denied Again, All Elite Wrestling Files Trademark For ‘Blood Brothers’, Former AEW Wrestler Pineapple Pete Appears On Monday Night RAW, Report: NXT and 205 Live TV Moving To WWE Performance Center, Potential Spoiler On Future Of Undisputed Era, Joey Ryan Lawsuit: Complaint For Damages and Demand Jury Trial [Document]. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. These disagreements led to Misawa taking 95% of the AJPW roster with him as he formed his own company in Pro Wrestling NOAH. By KrisZ, June 19, 2015 in The Archives. At first live actions were held with no audiences, and we will start to welcome fans with one-third or less of venue capacity.”. This list of AJPW’s twenty greatest matches will answer any doubts as to why Meltzer was so praiseworthy of AJPW’s wrestling product. As such, most fans look to AJPW’s glory days of yesteryear when discussing the promotion’s success. After not running shows in March, April, or May, New Japan returned to live action on June 15. 4 comments. LIVE Champion Carnival Day 6 Discussion Thread - … Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu. Kawada played the role of gutsy underdog perfectly and even demonstrated some impressive high-flying skills as well, which is a far cry from the kick-centric style he adopted in later years. The coronavirus pandemic forced the promotion to cancel the annual event earlier year; however, AJPW President Takeki Fukuda has confirmed a new date for the 2020 Champion Carnival Tournament. All of those voices will be taken into account in the second half of the year as we look to present something to fans that matches, or even surpasses, our initial plans.”.
Today's Show 9/23(Wed) Noah; 13:00 Tokyo korakuen hall.

Recommended Posts. So, it is expected that it will be held only with Japanese participants. Most of these wrestlers have been immortalized in the now-legendary matches they’ve had, and esteemed wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer awarded more five-star ratings to AJPW than any other promotion in history. All Japan Pro Wrestling (オールジャパン・プロレスリング, Ōru Japan Puroresuringu, originally 全日本プロレス Zen Nihon Puroresu) (AJPW/AJP) or simply All Japan is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion established on October 21, 1972 when Giant Baba split away from the Japanese Wrestling Associationand created his own promotion. Today marked the first time in over three decades that New Japan will consistently air live on primetime television in Japan…

From April 6 to May 5, All Japan Pro Wrestling was set to host their annual Champion Carnival tournament. This is a list of NJPW pay-per-view events, detailing all professional wrestling cards promoted on pay-per-view (PPV) by New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW). There’s a condensed, episodic, and high-paced feel to the program, but one that still offers the sports-centric presentation and focus on in-ring action.”. From the late 1980s until mid-2000, AJPW had some of the greatest wrestlers in history on its roster, and these athletes put on some of the best matches of all time. New Japan Pro Wrestling is back in primetime. “Now that we are back in the ring, it’s time for everyone to unleash that pent-up energy. This website is Japanese Pro-wrestling schedule. In this match, Toshiaki Kawada was still a rising star, and he was teaming with one of AJPW’s stars against a very powerful and dangerous team of foreigners. “It’s that Friday ‘Golden Time’ slot that made not just top wrestling stars, but Japanese cultural icons out of Antonio Inoki, Tiger Mask, Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, and more. Thus far, the full list of competitors isn’t official, though the other 15 names that were set to fight from April 6 to May 5 will most likely rejoin the tournament in September. In addition to Davey Boy Smith Jr, Joel Redman and Lucas Steel were also international wrestlers who were set to competed in the tournament.
“We have decided to implement not only all government, local government, and venue specific prevention measures, but have also established our own procedures, including requiring all talent and staff to undergo regular COVID testing and customer traceability procedures. “For many years in our past, NJPW being on TV Friday nights at 8 p.m. was a staple in Japan and enabled our wrestling to be introduced to all ages,” said New Japan President Harold Meij, whose show aired on BS Asahi. Despite the seemingly endless hurdles presented by Covid-19, Meij believes New Japan’s talent has the potential to elevate the company’s status globally amidst the pandemic. “That comes with an Anglo-Japanese saying, ‘A pinch is a chance.’ In other words, big opportunities are born from difficult challenges. The company sold out the Nippon Budokan Hall (Japan’s equivalent to Madison Square Garden) dozens of times and was so popular and profitable that the wrestlers didn’t even need to run bigger events like the Tokyo Dome that often. Ultimately, Kawada and Tenryu couldn’t defeat the duo of Hansen & Gordy, as Tenryu was defeated by one of Hansen’s vicious Western Lariats. puwota means Japanese pro-wrestling junkie. This is the definitive list of the greatest wrestling matches of all time. Justin Barrasso can be reached at The matches take place at the NJPW Dojo in Los Angeles, and feature talent that include New Japan mainstay Rocky Romero and emerging star Jeff Cobb. “As a result of the now-postponed Tokyo Olympics, we had already decided to move our annual G1 Climax tournament, which traditionally takes place during the summer months, to the autumn,” said Meij. AJPW All Japan Pro Wrestling Broadcast 2020 #4 ~ Invitation To The Royal Road: Chiba, … KrisZ KrisZ DVDVR 80s Project; 9828 posts; Report post; Posted June 19, 2015. “We understand the immense responsibility this gives us, and we are doing all we can to protect, track, and trace everybody in the building.”. Big Japan; 19:00 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st RING. This past Friday, AJPW President Takeki Fukuda confirmed … Dave Meltzer, who is currently in Japan is reporting that members of each of the organizations will meet, which could mean a potential partnership in the future. This is a major reason why you barely hear from/about AJPW these days: the company had suffered from such extensive internal damage and loss of talent that they can’t even hope to match the success that NJPW has had right now. 30. pinned by moderators.

Address: 2-52-9 Utsukushigaoka Nishi Aoba-ku, Yokohama 225-0001, Japan: Founder: Shohei Baba (1972) Presidents: Shohei Baba (1972 - 1999/01) Mitsuharu Misawa (1999/05 - 2000/05/28) Motoko Baba (2000/06 - 2002/09) Keiji Mutoh (2002/09 - 2011/06) Masayuki Uchida (2011/06 - 2014/06) Jun Akiyama (2014/07 - ) First card: 1972/10/21 at Machida City Gym (Tokyo) … New Japan halted live shows at the end of February, returning to action following Japanese government’s decision to lift its nationwide state of emergency in May. Join. save. Though it is unique to see any promotion presenting wrestling in an empty arena, the New Japan Cup shows have restored a missing piece of in-ring reality to wrestling. Much anticipation exists for New Japan in the coming months, as Naito looks to piece together a memorable run as both the IWGP Heavyweight and Intercontinental Champion. :link to map The New Japan World streaming service aired today’s New Japan Cup semifinals for free, running marquee matchups that pitted Kazuchika Okada against Hiromu Takahashi as well as Evil battling longtime tag team partner Sanada. “We feel our global fanbase should also take in the big match feel with no barriers to entry for one night,” said Meij. Get real time updates on the latest wrestling news directly to your device Subscribe now! New Japan; 18:30 Hokkaido Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center. Due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19 and the difficulty of international travel, New Japan postponed its Wrestle Dynasty show originally scheduled for this August at New York’s Madison Square Garden, moving it to the summer of 2021.

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