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Identify “Why” You Are Hosting Your Event

You’ve experienced the power of in-person events.

A room full of clients having the time of their lives, and all eyes are on the host.

You’re an entrepreneur and you know what you want.When you start thinking about creating your own live event, it’s so easy to get caught up daydreaming about the “What”.

  • a book writing retreat in the mountains for busy entrepreneurs…..
  • a retreat in Bali for health-conscious women who want to deepen their spiritual connection….
  • a mastermind in New York City for entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level….
  • a live event in Paris with 200 career mommies….

But for your event to be successful, you need to figure out WHY you are going to host this event.

Knowing your WHY in the beginning is so important because every decision you need to make for your event will be guided by this. It’s your “Commander’s Intent” during the entire event planning process — from the event vision to the programme content to the promotional materials. 

Here is an example of such a WHY.

Let’s imagine you run a web agency where you create websites for small businesses, and your WHY for hosting an in-person event is to connect with potential new clients.

You want to grow your client base with new relationships, that you’ll nurture throughout the year with the goal of turning them into clients for your main services. Your in-person event is the start of this relationship. So, for every decision you’ll take regarding this event – the format, size, location, content, event budget, ticket cost, promotion strategy … – you should ask yourself: “Will this help me connect with potential new clients for my business?” 

Hi, my name is Carolien Mertens and I’ve planned over 100 events for business owners and associations. I want to share with you what I’ve learned about planning successful events for your business.

First, let’s explore the different reasons you may want to plan a live event.

Step Up Your Authority

When you host a live event, you can step up your authority and show that you mean serious business. With stepping up your authority, I mean that people in your industry recognise you as a leader or an expert, and you’re the first name that pops into their head when someone is asking for a great photographer, Facebook Ads expert, stylist, publicist, business coach …

Creating an event where you’re curating the content and hand-picking guest speakers allows you to confirm yourself as an expert in your field. You can take up the game during the event by delivering live coaching sessions and hot seats, answering live questions and leading powerfully. Event attendees will be eager to speak with you, take a picture with you, and follow your advice.

Entrepreneurs also host live events to be able to refer to them for future promotions. During the event, you can get client testimonials, photos, and video footage that you can repurpose for the lifetime of your business. Imagine your website showing photos of you speaking in front of 100 (or more) people. That image positions you as an authority and creates a huge impact on people just discovering you.


Cultivate Your Community

When you bring people together in a live event, where they can connect with their peers and with influencers from your network, you give them access to some amazing opportunities. They could walk away with referral partners, new clients, new best friends and new ways to expand their network.

This is one way to guarantee that they become passionate superfans — spreading the word about you and excited for opportunities to work with you more closely.


Deliver a Premium In-Person Service

In the world of online business, intimate in-person events are a hugely valuable experience. Whether it’s a mastermind retreat or a one-day invite-only intensive, these in-person events are a chance to deliver your very best to the top 1% of your clients.

Clients make big investments to be a part of high-touch, premium events. This can be a great influx of revenue for your business, and an amazing way to connect on a deeper level with star clients.

It’s key to create the deluxe experience for clients paying top dollar for this experience, and to have all the details taken care of so that you can focus fully on your clients during the event.


Launch A Product

Want to launch a new product with a BANG? And bring in revenue for your business (maybe even have your biggest revenue day of the entire year)?

This is one of the biggest reasons to host a live event. You can carefully curate your attendee list so you have a room full of eager buyers in front of you.

With live events, you’ve got many opportunities to get more sales on the spot. You can offer exciting bonuses for signing up right then and there — like an exclusive cocktail party afterwards or the chance to win a 1:1 coaching session with you or one of the speakers. During the live event, you can also create that ‘“I-don’t-want-to-miss-out” feeling among participants that are on the fence of buying.

After the event, you can also shoot video testimonials of why your clients decided to buy. Then when you launch online, after the event, you already have all that marketing material, and a network of raving fans to support your online promotion.

Now take a moment to write down your “why.”

How will your business benefit from hosting an in-person event?

What do you want the event to achieve for your business?

How will it impact your bottom line? Your public image? Your marketing material? Your client’s experience?

You “why” could be a mixture of the above reasons or something else– make sure to identify the most important reasons for you.

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