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Hi, I’m Carolien.

I help digital entrepreneurs, coaches, and consultants around the globe create their wildly successful live event, retreat, or mastermind experience.


To date, I’ve planned over 100 events in a variety of industries, and served more than 10,000 participants.

I started my career in events curating art auctions in a top European Gallery. Here, I learned the ins and outs of planning seamlessly orchestrated high-end events, and the art of “white glove” service for the upper class. Think event attendees like multi-millionaires with Swiss chalets and art-loving Middle East Sheikhs.

After helping Fortune 500 companies like the World Bank and the World Health Organization, I brought my work online so that I can serve driven entrepreneurs changing the world.

I’ve brought clients’ visions to life in venues from convention centers to sky-high hotel rooms to a castle in the countryside. I’ve worked with worldwide companies with multi 6-figure budgets, and very creatively with coaches just getting started.

I create seamless, high-end, in-person events for online entrepreneurs. I give you clear and calm guidance through a step-by-step project process, helping you save time and money. During the event, I help you focus 100% of their energy on their guests without having to think about anything else. The result – turning those guests into enthusiastic ideal buyers.


How to work with me.

I’m here to be your support system in bringing your dream event to life.
I’ll guide you through my step-by-step process and plan the details from start to finish, helping you save time and money.

First, you tell me your Big Idea, your Vision and your Why.

We’ll brainstorm on the date, the look & feel of the event, and the agenda. Then, I’ll put together the action plan, timeline, budget, and the promotion strategy to fill those seats.

Once the framework is set out, we’ll implement the promotion plan together, and I take care of the rest.

So if you’re planning…

A high-level mastermind event in Milan at a classy hotel…

A 3-day full-on live event in London, where you welcome 100+ of your clients and students…

Or even a simple group coaching event that I can help organize and systematize (so you can set it up yourself again and again)…

Consider it done with ease.
You’ll get no interruptions or no hiccups. It’s just you in a room full of your favorite people.

Unlike other event planners,
I know event planning isn’t just about logistics.

I have a strong emotional connection with the event team, the communication team, and the content creators. My magical touch is an agile approach to event planning. I do regular, pre-scheduled check-ins with the other team members to adjust quickly along the way and keep track towards your dream event.

Ready to schedule a strategy call with me?
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or, check out my packages below.


So you want to put up an event (like a networking event or retreat), and you don’t know where to start! Maybe there’s a specific area you need support with (whether it’s creating your timeline, a sponsorship strategy, or promotional strategy.) Or, you need help brainstorming the details to get started.

In this package, you’ll get a 3-hour intensive with me where we can cover anything you need support with! Such as mapping out your action steps, coming up with a promotional plan to sell your tickets, a sponsorship strategy — or brainstorming your very first event!


This package is best for the entrepreneur putting up a retreat for up to 40 people, launching an evergreen ongoing workshop series, or leading a group program event. You need help kickstarting the event and planning all the details.

In this 3-month package, I’ll work with you to come up with your strategy and timeline. In month 1, I’ll help you create a budget, so you can stay within budget and reach your profit goals. And, I’ll research and reach out to your vendors, helping you find your dream venue, and save money on suppliers.  Then, in month 2 and 3, I’ll support you through weekly calls and unlimited voxer support.


In this custom tailored service, I take care of every last detail from start to finish. This is best for the entrepreneur planning the Live Event with 50 people or more. There are so many moving pieces that must be planned correctly to create the best event experience possible — while staying within your budget, so you can meet your profit goals! In this level of support, I’ll offer my full-on strategic planning as well as taking care of all the details for you, and being there with you on the day of your event.

This includes a minimum of 6 months support from me in order to bring your vision to life with every last detail.

I’m looking forward
to hearing from you.

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